Optimisation thanks to LIFE+ subsidy

    Optimisation thanks to LIFE+ subsidy

    Thanks to the LIFE+ subsidy, over the past few years, ARN has optimised its post shredder technology plant. The new PST plant effectively processes all the shredder waste supplied in the Netherlands into reusable materials. As a result, as early as 2013, the Netherlands already complied with the requirements of the European Directive for automotive recycling.

    Objective: complying with European waste Directives

    By optimising the production line at the PST plant, ARN aimed to fulfil the requirements of the European End-of-life Vehicles Directive (2000). This Directive specifies that at least 85% of end-of-life vehicles must be recycled, and 10% of the materials usefully reused. In the Netherlands, post separation was the only economically viable method available. To make that possible, ARN built its PST plant in 2005. A second aim of ARN was to substantially reduce the volume of shredder waste dumped in the Netherlands, in line with the European Landfill Directive. Both Directives are part of the European Framework Directive on Waste. The aim of this Framework Directive is to prevent, recycle and process waste, to encourage the recovery of raw materials and to promote the possible production of energy or any other process for the reuse of waste.

    European example of high-quality recycling

    The PST plant features an advanced separation installation. In Europe, it serves as a role model for the high-quality recycling of automotive shredder residue (ASR). Various (shredder) operators in Europe have developed technologies for the recovery of valuable materials from end-of-life vehicles, but the complete production line built by ARN in Tiel – with the specific objective of achieving 95% recycling – is unique. For other European countries, governments and industries, the PST installation is proof that there is an alternative for the large-scale landfilling or incineration of automotive shredder waste. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with others.

    Shredder trials to measure targets

    In 2010 and 2015, by means of 2 shredder trials, we were able to determine whether the PST plant indeed achieved the statutory target of 95% recycling and useful application. Each trial consisted of 3 sessions, in which we shredded 400 end-of-life vehicles in accordance with the monitoring rules laid down by the European Commission (Commission Decision 2005/293/EC). Based on the results from the trials (mass balance data) we calculated the recycling percentage. ARN reported on the percentage achieved to the European Commission and the Dutch government.